Welcome to Print-Rite

Founded on January 5th, 1988, by Hal & Debra Rubenstein, in San Jose, CA. We celebrated 30 YEARS IN BUSINESS, in January, 2018.
Owned and operated by Oki Data's one time senior west coast technician, and unquestionably, North America's senior technician servicing Oki Data's Tank-Tough Impact Printers.  I worked in three of Oki Data's California facilities, starting in 1981, as they, and their facilities grew. 



Print-Rite an Oki Data Authorized Printer Sales & Service Center

2749 Robertson Bridge Road

Grants Pass, OR 97526

541-218-3730    email to: Hal@PrintRite.com

Here at Print-Rite, refurbishing Oki Data impact printers, both to sell, and customer's repairs, is our living. 

After several decades of doing this, you'd be proficient at it too.

Our custom built shop building, on our property outside Grants Pass, Oregon, is layed out for my personal comfort and efficiency.

Both Deb & I are lefties, and everything is set up as such.

We stock refurbished printers, repair parts, consumable supplies, and logic boards for Oki Data impact printers.                                                                            

The highest quality tech support available on Oki impact printers, is what we offer, free.

We'll help you troubleshoot your printer, and advance exchange the correct logic board for you to make the repair.

      We have a sales presence on eBay, and have unadvertised (PayPal Only) on-line special sales items ..... here

Print-Rite  2749 Robertson Bridge Road , Grants Pass, OR  97526  (541)218-3730    email to: Hal@PrintRite.com

Serving America Since 1-5-88