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An Oki Data Authorized
Printer Sales and Service Center,

Serving America Since 1-5-88.

We are NOT affiliated with the Ink Jet Cartridge & Refill "Print-Rite", division
of Multi Union Trading Co. Ltd. ,
please find them at:


- Owned and operated by a former Oki Data (Okidata back then) senior technician,
. .working exclusively on Oki products since 1981. We specialize on Oki Data
. .impact printers, past and present. We have many hard to find and discontinued
. .repair parts and printer supplies, and of course, the more current items.

- Brand new Oki Data Printers, .printer supplies, Options and Accessories.

- Refurbished Oki Data Printers, meticulously re-worked, sterily clean.

- A full inventory of Genuine Oki Data printer consumable
. .supplies, including fresh Ribbons, Toner Cartridges, Drum Kits,
. .and Ink Cartridges. All absolutely Genuine Oki Data products.

- Oki Data printer repair parts in stock, including Printheads,
. .and almost any part with a history of failure.

- Flat Rate Pricing On Oki Data Printer Logic Board Repairs,
. .With Advance Exchange Available.

- Warranty and Non-Warranty Oki Data Printer Repairs,

- We accept VISA / MasterCard / Discover / American Express cards, also PayPal.

- If at all feasible, you will be offered free ground shipping.


. . .PLEASE Point & Click To Our Pricing Pages Below:

- New Oki Data Printers

- Refurbished Oki Data Printers

- Genuine Oki Data Printer Ribbons

- Genuine Oki Data Printer Toner Cartridges,
. .Ink Cartridges and Drum Kits

- Options and Accessories for Oki Data Printers

- Replacement Printheads for Oki Data Printers


Please email comments, inquiries, orders, or technical support questions to:
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